Lynne Bowker

Lynne Bowker, PhD, was a visiting researcher (2022-23) at the Scholarly Communication Research Group (SCRG) of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland and a full professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada, where she holds a cross-appointment between the School of Translation and Interpretation and the School of Information Studies. As an interdisciplinary researcher, her main research interests lie at the intersection of language, technology and society. At the SCRG, she is working on a project to investigate the potential of machine translation and plain language for facilitating multilingual scholarly communication.

She serves as an editorial board member for a number of scholarly journals, including the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics and the International Journal of Lexicography. Her research has been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Association for Information Science & Technology, the Association for Library and Information Science Education, and the Polish National Agency for Scientific Exchange (NAWA). In 2020, she was elected to the Royal Society of Canada (Canada’s national academy) in recognition of her contributions to research in translation technologies.

She is committed to the open movement and is increasingly trying to publish and create educational resources in open access. She also believes in communicating research beyond academia and regularly contributes to blogs, podcasts and professional magazines. You can find examples of her scholarly, educational and popularized contributions on her website The Machine Translation Literacy Project.

Research interests: machine translation, translation technologies, plain language, multilingual scholarly communication, predatory publishing, corpus linguistics, localization, scientific and technical translation, science communication, terminology, lexicography


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Selected publications:

Bowker, Lynne (2023) De-mystifying Translation: Introducing Translation to Non-Translators. London: Routledge. To be published in Open Access

Steigerwald Emma, Valeria Ramírez-Castañeda, Débora Y.C. Brandt, András Báldi, Julie T. Shapiro, Lynne Bowker, Rebecca D. Tarvin (2022) Overcoming Language Barriers in Academia: Machine Translation Tools and a Vision for a Multilingual FutureBioScience 72(10): 988-998. Open Access,

Bowker, Lynne (2021) Promoting linguistic diversity and inclusion: Incorporating machine translation literacy into information literacy instruction for undergraduate students, International Journal of Information, Diversity & Inclusion 5(3): 127-151. Open Access,

Buitrago Ciro, Jairo and Lynne Bowker (2021) Does a predator need prey? Examining the evolving terminology of predatory publishing, Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science 43(3), 193-214. Open Access

Bowker, Lynne (2021) Interdisciplinary Research Methods: Considering the Potential of Community-based Participatory Research in Translation, Journal of Translation Studies 1(1): 13-26.  Open Access

Open Educational Resources:


Bowker, Lynne (2021) Translating for Canada, eh? eCampus Ontario Open Library,

Beaulieu, Elaine, Mish Boutet, Lynne Bowker, Thomas Burelli, Jackie Carnegie, Alexandre Lillo, David MacDonald, Colin Montpetit and Steven Ousko (2020) Using Game-Based Learning Online: A Cookbook of Recipes, eCampus Ontario Open Library,


Bowker, Lynne (2021) Vous traduisez pour le Canada? (trad. par Joanne Desroches). eCampus Ontario Open Library,

Beaulieu, Elaine, Mish Boutet, Lynne Bowker, Thomas Burelli, Jackie Carnegie, Alexandre Lillo, David MacDonald, Colin Montpetit and Steven Ousko (2020) Enseigner en ligne par le jeu – Un livre de recettes, eCampus Ontario Open Library,

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