A History of the Idea of Communication. Transformations of Communication Practices in the light of the Philosophy of Culture

The aim of the project is show how the past communication practices can be investigated. The research hypothesis presented in the project assumes that there is a relationship between the historical transformation of social structures, value systems, and world-views with the forms of communication that are accepted in a given community. The research group focus not so much on the history of theoretical reflection on communication but rather on the analysis of the everyday ideas about the communication in specific historical periods.

The project was financed by the National Science Centre in Poland (decision number UMO-2011/03/D/HS1/00388). Emanuel Kulczycki was a main investigator. 

Main publications

  1. Kulczycki, E. (2015). Dwa aspekty komunikacji. Założenia komunikologii historycznej  [Two Aspects of Communication. Foundations of Communication History], Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, Poznań, pp. 282. [in Polish] [PDF]
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  3. Kulczycki, E. (2014). On the Development of Scholarly Communication. A Philosophical Approach to the Communication History, Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia, 4(English Edition), pp. 51-63. [PDF]
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